Isakadze Project

the one-block, seven-storey, structure’s facade is designed to fit well on 550 m2 land in Gabriel Isakadze street #24 The Residence offers fourtheen apartments, a one-level car/bicycle parking area located on the building’s first level. Staircases and other common areas are finished with frost-proof ceramogranite floors; the ceilings and walls are painted using the highest-quality […]

Dighomi Project

With its soaring, natural-stone adorned columns and metal décor, the one-block, six-storey structure’s facade is designed to fit well on 2200 m2 land in MIKHEIL Berdzenishvili #10. A pedestrian path and French windows that run along the ground floor help to create a sort of parking lot with easy access, while the balcony baluster’s metal […]