Major Construction Technology Innovations to Watch in 2018- section 3

1. Prefabrication Prefabrication is hardly a new innovation in itself. The construction industry has been using prefabrication in various applications for decades. However, new technologies are making the benefits of prefabrication easier to access, and changing the way the construction industry integrates prefab into the process. For instance, ManufactOn provides a mobile technology that provides complete visibility […]

Major Construction Technology Innovations to Watch in 2018-section2

1. Wearable Technology The construction site has never been safer than it is today, and we think it’s only going to get safer with the introduction and mainstreaming of wearable technology. Companies like Triax offer wearables that track where workers are on the job site, alert them in real time of potential hazards, and identify when […]

Major Construction Technology Innovations to Watch in 2018

2017 was a big year for technology innovation in the construction industry, and that pace is unlikely to slow in 2018. This is good news for companies that embrace technology to improve cost, safety, efficiency, and quality of construction. If you plan to be among the leaders, here are 7 construction technology innovations to watch in 2018. 1. […]